Contractors: Recently, you had a huge influx of work. There is a hailstorm of emails and all of the work that is available is impossible to keep up with. So you desperately need more painters to handle the job.

Sound familiar?

Don’t waste your time posting an ad on Craigslist or some other staffing agency because you may find yourself wasting even more time looking for the right guy.

What is sub-contracting? You’re a contractor, and you need more help for your job. You’re completing work at an entire industrial facility, ceilings and walls, including all of the necessary prep work. You’re using dry-fall for the ceiling and Sherwin Williams latex on the walls to complete the entire job. You may need a qualified person or two to help finish a section of the job you know that will be more beneficial to pay someone else to finish so you can meet your deadline, or inch closer to that final payment.

We have guys on standby ready to fulfill your needs. One phone call is all it takes to discuss the finish date, our availability and costs.

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