Spray GenX is a premier painting/refinishing company with 30 years of experience and industrial refinishing applications. Our company specializes in industrial/commercial Interior and exterior refinishing. Whether is a floor that needs an epoxy finish, a ceiling that needs a fresh maintenance coating to brighten up your facility or safety color coding for your pipes and safety yellow visuals around your plant, we have the skills to not only complete any scale job on time, but also within budget.


  • Plants, factories & manufacturing facilities
  • Metal deck ceilings in shops
  • Warehouses, storage facilities
  • Secondary containment tanks
  • Industrial buildings & industrial units
  • Machinery, equipment
  • Stamping presses, injection molders
  • Concrete floor coatings
  • Metal siding, metal roofs
  • Metal & steel-clad buildings
  • Storage tanks, silos
  • Floor lines & markings
  • Steel structures, cranes, bridges
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Water & sewage treatment plants

Industrial Spray Painting Services - Painting Contractor