Are you looking for Paint and Coating Consultants?

Spray Genex offers consulting services when you’re in need of expert advice on your industrial plant or commercial painting project. How could your company benefit from consulting?  With our experience, there are many unseen variables that are applicable to any large scale project.  We work closely with paint reps and understand the benefits of using the correct materials, securing the proper safety guidelines and scope analysis of work that needs to be completed.  We assess these variables and give you a clear concise overview on paint thickness, durability, schedule along with proper material handling and material data sheet specifications.

The long-term success of your project is greatly determined by proper planning, handling, and execution of the plan.

Managing and planning repairs, renovations and other maintenance needs of steel, concrete and other structures can be cumbersome and difficult . An assessment of current substrate, steel structure or industrial project conditions provides you with the tools and information for determining the most cost-effective coatings strategy. Selection of coating materials and corresponding levels of surface preparation for the chosen maintenance strategy are equally important in protecting an owner’s fixed asset. Unfortunately, none of the results of the first two steps are of value unless effectively communicated to prospective contractors through a technical specification so that desired outcomes are achieved.